Experiencing Wifi Black Spots in your home or Business?

We can install a stable wifi network throughout your house or business. No more wifi drops.

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Boost Wifi Signal

We can boost and extend the Wifi signal in your House & Business.

Unified Networks

Our Wifi Booster system is one unified network extended from your own router.

Seamless Installation

Installation takes 1 day.

Affordable Options

We have affordable installation options for everyone.

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Boost Wifi Signal - 100%

60% Complete

Unified Networks - 100%

60% Complete

Seamless Installation - 100%

60% Complete

Affordable Options - 100%

60% Complete

Boost My Wifi provide the best in wireless mesh technology for your Home & Business. We can increase, boost and extend your router signal to those hard to reach areas.

Student Accomodation Wifi Installation
Airbnb Wifi Installation
Corporate Wifi Installation
Church Wifi Installation
Rural Wifi Installation
Wifi Boosting without cables
Hotel Wifi Installation


Wifi Boost Increase

3 Hours

Hours to install

24 Hours

Installation Time

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